It’s been a big year for PTG, full of exciting developments and despite the challenges the global pandemic, we have continued to flourishπŸ‘‡


🀝  Acquisition and investment by Fulcrum Technology Group B.V. 

πŸ‰  Official Technology Sponsor for England Rugby League 

πŸ“ˆ  Continued growth, to £41.2m

πŸ’Έ  £100k donation and Three-year £25k PA commitment to Candlelighters 


With just a week to go until we move in, we are looking forward to our new home 'The Mill ll.' Whilst embracing hybrid working, we decided to expand our space with our new HQ. This £1.1m investment is a key aspect of our growth strategy; not forgetting presence and service expansion. To celebrate all our achievements and the end of lockdown restrictions, we will be hosting a soft launch full of fun activities, with press, celebrity guests, breakfast, and of course, champagne.


πŸ‰  Opening speech from England Rugby League Head Coach – Shaun Wane

🎀  Speeches by key stakeholders, CEO Stephen O’Brien & Project Manager Simeon Banks

πŸŽ€  Official ribbon cutting ceremony

🚢🏻  Office tour

πŸ₯  Breakfast & refreshments

🍾  Popping champagne in the on-site bar

πŸ“½ Local video production crew on site capturing buzz

🎁  PTG people will receive welcome gifts: new apparel and a few surprises!


The Mill II has brand new and exciting features, created by Dale Interiors, including:


πŸ‹οΈ‍♀️ Gym

πŸ“½ Theatre

🎳 Social spaces

✍️ Technical workshops

πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» Collaboration zones

β˜•οΈ Work café

🎀 Customer event spaces




Our people are excited about the move. It means our PTG family can come together from multiple UK locations for the first time and collaborate truly as #OneTeam.


"Despite Covid-19 and the challenges the global pandemic has caused over the past 18 months, PTG decided to be bold and invest, in a climate where other businesses are not. This statement alone is a testament to the ambition and drive of PTG values; hard work, the team, and fighting spirit. I am certain we’ll fill our 250 people capacity full of great talent in no time. For the first time, one roof will bring everyone from our Leeds and Wakefield offices together under One Roof, creating an even brighter, more vibrant culture." - Simeon Banks, Head of Innovation


“Even with the massive improvements in remote working technology, there is no replacement for real, regular face to face interaction. Having the entire team together under #ONEROOF is an amazing prospect that will fundamentally change the way the business units work together, improving collaboration, communication and most importantly customer experience.” - Andy Pilkington, Technical Director


“The ‘One Roof’ project will give PTG a much bigger space in which to unify teams and elevate collaboration. Designed to be state of the art in terms of technology this facility will provide a contemporary workspace for now and for future.” Cliff Fox, COO


“Being able to offer our staff a vibrant, modern and fun space is important, and I’m thrilled and excited at the prospect of bringing amazing teams together which will allow us to learn, grown and achieve as one!” Scott Deacon, Sales Director


“This illustrates continued progression for our business. Integrating the Reseller and MSP businesses under #Oneroof will enable us to work as #Oneteam more than ever. Creating synergies throughout, enabling each team member to maximise their strengths and minimise their weaknesses. This is how we will continue to succeed and be the very best.” - David Craig, Services Director





Stephen O’Brien Commented:


“Our people are what make up our wonderful organisation. A successful organisation doesn’t happen without great people. This move will allow us to put into play an effective talent retention and attraction strategy which will help to hold onto our best team players and recruit new as our company develops.


Bringing people together – A positive team spirit will be born out of good people combining forces to work towards a greater, common goal. Without team spirit, good people are almost wasted. There’s an African Proverb; ‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.’ The team spirit in our organisation is unique; a powerful differentiator and the possibilities are endless.


Communication – This is one of the most important aspects of business. Nurturing excellent communication is key to our continued growth and development. The move to ‘one roof’ is designed to help our people communicate and collaborate effectively. A great office would never be complete without a range of different personalities. Variety is the spice of life, and this is certainly true when referring to people. A mix of characters brings a mix of skills to the table, enabling your business to grow in ways that you never would have thought possible.


Employee Welfare - Today’s talent pool is looking for more than wages and employee perks. Flexible working, both in terms of location and time spent in office is growing for a good reason. Allowing people to have a flexible approach to work-life balance helps them to work more effectively and gain better results for our organisation. Today’s drive towards a healthier, happier workforce is something that we embrace. We are already seeing the benefits of offering our team perks like contributions to gym membership, fitness wearables, flu-jabs, health and wellbeing workshops.


This is an exciting chapter in PTG’s journey. From humble beginnings, sink in one corner and a fridge in the other, to a modern, funky state of art environment is very exciting. Our new PTG family home!”


To get involved, talk to us.


Technology moves fast, we do too and so can you.