Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Speranza22 (S22) – a leading international invitational 7's team with a mission to showcase elite performance on the pitch, whilst donating their entire proceeds to numerous charities around the world. 


PTG joins as a Title Sponsor – supporting S22 alongside other international organisations including Reportage Properties, ARNCon, Spinneys and NOAF Interiors from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


This partnership aligns key values between both organisations; Teamwork, passion, hard work – but most importantly – giving back and helping others. 


About Speranza22


In 2009 a unique group of rugby players won the Dubai 7s U18s tournament. One of the champions was Marco Speranza, dominating at number 22. After his tragic passing in 2013, at just age 20, the original team members from 2009 came together and entered the Dubai7s International Open Tournament that same year. This was the memorable moment that ‘Speranza22’ was born.


Over the past 12 years Speranza22 has become synonymous for excellence, both on and off the pitch, with the goal to build an outstanding brand for the charities and sponsors inspired by Marco’s philosophy.


In their first year S22 were awarded best performing newcomers in the UK Super 7's series -reaching one final, two semi-finals and a quarter-final in the 4 rounds. 


Their 7-year campaign at the Dubai 7's is equally impressive having won the International Invitational in 2017 and International Open in 2018; making them the only invitational team ever to have won both of the top two invitational 7's competitions.


Speranza22 has, and continues to, support numerous charities across the world: 


  • Try Rugby based in UAE 
  • Thai educational support for children in Phuket 
  • Ted Senior Foundation 
  • A privately funded orphanage in Ethiopia


“Speranza22 was formed on the back of a tragic accident to a young rugby player back in 2013. Since then, we have strived to be the very best we can be on the pitch but more importantly be the best we can off it. Our core values are about teamwork, respect, hard work, supporting others and above all having fun. That is why we are delighted to be partnering up with PTG as our title sponsor. Steve O’Brien and PTG encapsulate everything there is about the values we, as a charity rugby team, strive to achieve. We can’t thank them enough for their support which will enable us to continue our exciting journey playing in memory of Marco Speranza.”
Commenting of the partnership, Rory Greene, Operations Director said


Stephen O’Brien, PTG CEO added:


“I’m super happy and proud to be in a position to be able to sponsor this amazing team, and moreover support the cause that the S22 brand stands for. Its more than just throwing an egg-shaped ball around!


This is about team, family, culture, spirit, supporting those that aren’t as fortunate and ultimately having a whole lot of fun win or lose! The S22 story is so inspirational and obviously the driving force. On the pitch, they have an outstanding squad of individuals that leave it all out there for the S22 badge! Talent wins games, and this lot know how to win…but teamwork wins championships. This lot epitomise TEAM.


We have big aspirations, ambitious plans and are dreaming BIG! We have a great opportunity to spread the S22 brand across the world. A core group of guys all sharing similar goals and dreams. My commitment is to support this wonderful team and do whatever I can to help bring those dreams to life.”


This new partnership will allow Speranza22 to continue their campaign to compete at an international level, continuing to raise awareness and proceeds for their associated charities and carry Marco’s memory across the globe. 


For more information about Speranza 22, and to track their campaigns – visit the links below:


Up-coming tournament schedule:


  • Super 7's Series - Aldershot ARMY RFC - 26th June
  • Super 7's Series - Newbury RFC - 3rd July
  • Super 7's Series - Nottingham RFC - 17th July
  • Super 7's Series - Bury St Edmonds RFC - 24th July
  • Bournemouth Tournament - 27th to 29th August
  • Dubai Ts International Open - December 2021
  • Dubai Ts International Invitational - December 2021