Northumbrian water provides the best quality water and effective sewerage service to its customers. They highly value sustainability; aiming to protect and enhance the environment and create a positive impact on the communities they operate in. As one of the country’s largest water operators – Northumbrian water currently supplies water and sewerage services to 4.4 million people across the UK.




Timing was crucial for Northumbrian Water. They were faced with the challenge of supplying staff with the materials and technologies needed to work from home effectively. Due to COVID-19, the time frame for this project was slim. Northumbrian Water needed to ensure all of the equipment arrived, was tested and setup completely for staff before the national lockdown.


In addition to the short window of time to deploy this solution, Northumbrian water, like most organisations, were met with a global shortage of stock of suitable products. Its employees required compact and lightweight devices suitable for transportation, but with powerful processing power. Getting this solution in place was critical to ensure Northumbrian Water could operate at full capacity during the COVID-19 crisis.




PTG moved swiftly to secure appropriate laptops, webcams and headsets. Due to PTG’s global vendor partnerships, and relationships within distribution - the procurement team was able to source stock that was very hard to come by in a period of excessively high demand.  


Having PTG as a partner meant that Northumbrian Water were able to quickly overcome the challenges they faced and smoothly roll out remote working to their work force in a time‐sensitive environment. All deliveries were dispatched on next day delivery and were delivered within the promised time frame. 



“During COVID-19 and the shortage of working from home related products the market faced, it didn’t take long for our account manager to source new products and get our order delivered to us. We were able to implement working from home proficiently. That would not have been possible without PTG.”
Vince Kennedy, Service Manager