Fulcrum is a leading multi-utility infrastructure and services provider headquartered in Sheffield, UK. Its main business is the design, build and ongoing ownership and maintenance of energy connections and their related utility infrastructure, including electric vehicle charging services for the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market. Fulcrum’s offering also extends to gas and electricity meter ownership and smart meter exchange programmes.




Having grown both organically and through acquisition, Fulcrum’s strategy for further growth has dependence on effective technology.


Fulcrum engaged pure technology group (PTG) to undertake an independent and expert consultation to review the company’s IT function as a whole, including people, processes, infrastructure, applications and external dependencies. Fulcrum sought a clear picture of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with the current technology estate and requested recommendations for the future to align with business strategy.





Over three months, PTG carried out the consultancy, despite COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, analysing and recording all aspects of the company’s IT function.


Using a ‘people, product and process’ methodology, PTG assigned a Lead Consultant and supplemented this with part-time, in-house expertise including network, application, HR, ITIL and strategy.


A variety of industry and bespoke tools were used in order to capture raw data on all elements of the infrastructure. This allowed us to produce a detailed audit on network, compute and storage to assess utilisation levels across the infrastructure to evaluate performance, security, resilience and scalability.


The information gathering phase of this project lasted for an extended period of time, capturing metrics across a 30-day period. This gave insight into how the systems operated over a typical month and became the basis of current status plus recommendations for the future.


Fulcrum IT, operational and commercial people were interviewed to capture opinions and requirements of technology for now and for the future, in order to build up a full picture of current capability and possible improvements. All views, from people all across Fulcrum were captured and taken into account, to provide an unbiased report.


The output was a detailed report and presentation to the Board, along with prioritised recommendations and development options according to the strategic aims.



“PTG’s professionalism and help has been extremely refreshing. The review that was undertaken was extremely detailed and has allowed us to fully understand our current position and more importantly what we need in order to future proof our growing business.”
Terry Dugdale, Group Chief Operating Officer