Since 1988 Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF) has awarded over £7 million in grants to the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, it’s patients and their families. With a number of successful campaigns, this charity has massively impacted the lives of many, in an extremely positive and profound way. Enhancing the quality of care and support offered to patients at Leeds Congenital Heart Unit is CHSF’s main objective and is something they have been supporting through grant and finance provision for many years.




Children’s Heart Surgery Fund were faced with challenges that were significantly affecting their workflow and communications. CHSF needed expert knowledge to help them work as efficiently as possible and utilise modern practices for their working environment. The use of slow, legacy systems was holding them back and had meant that CHSF struggled to get problems resolved in a timely manner. The organisation also needed updated security systems and services to protect their data and prevent external threats.




Working closely with CHSF, the pure technology group (PTG) delivered an in-depth analysis as part of the initial business take-on. This helped to expose specific areas which could easily be remedied – highlighting fast solutions to help get the business working more effectively.


PTG’s technical team implemented the recommendations from the initial audit and within 8 weeks the whole team at Childrens Heart Surgery Fund saw the difference in performance with the systems. A major recommendation was to better utilise the Microsoft 365 applications suite and make particular use of SharePoint and Teams so that the workforce could collaborate effectively and quickly. This simple recommendation revolutionised the way Children’s Heart Surgery Fund shared information between the staff and others.


As a charity, security was also paramount to CHSF. Understanding this, PTG were able to offer protection of critical data via the PTG Tiered Security model (Cloud > Firewall > Endpoint). Cloud Backup was introduced to provide the best protection from outside threats or any natural disasters that may occur on site.


PTG listened to the challenges CHSF were faced with and swiftly implemented an action plan to resolve each one individually, resulting in a completely revolutionised way of working.


In addition, PTG wanted to help support CHSF and their work during a time of difficulty and distress. While COVID-19 was hitting it's peak in disruption, PTG cut the cost of their IT services by 50% - making it easier for CHSF to continue with business as usual.




“Before using the pure technology group I used to receive complaints every week regarding IT issues from my team– now it isn’t even on my radar, I don’t need to think about it anymore”
Sharon Milner, CEO, CHSF