Poundland opened its doors for the first time in April 1990 and has since become one of the UKs most recognised retail brands over the last 30 years. The well‐regarded high street retailer is known to many for its highly competitive prices and is now recognised as the ‘category killer’ of the pound shop format.


Although Poundland was not forced to close its stores during the coronavirus pandemic, a large proportion of the company’s 800 office workers had to begin working remotely, which like most organisations across the world, had to prepare for substantial business transformation almost overnight.




While shop floor employees were able to retain their job functions, supporting communities with essential supplies ‐ much of the work force has had to continue their work from home. The company was faced with a sudden necessity to source all the necessary equipment to roll‐out remote working facilities for its 800+ operational staff.


The difficulty for many businesses during the turning point of the pandemic and throughout March and April was sourcing the volumes of equipment required. In this case, Poundland needed laptops and peripherals with the right technical specification to fit within the assigned budget. This presented a challenge as stock was becoming increasingly more difficult to source, and the price of remaining stock in the channel was beginning to rise.



It was clear that homeworkers were in need of laptops, printers and peripherals... quickly, in order to restore business as usual. PTG located the exact equipment that Poundland needed. The products aligned to their budget and were delivered swiftly.


PTG was also able to secure more flexible credit terms in light of the economic uncertainty, providing Poundland with further peace of mind.


What this meant for Poundland was that their homeworking employees were swiftly supplied with laptops, printers and cables – Getting them back up and running in a short turnaround, reducing the impact on the organisation.



Despite astonishing demand, our customers have been queuing up to congratulate us for our efforts as we’ve stepped up in the communities we love, and you as one of our partners have definitely played your part in helping us to do this. I’m incredibly proud of what you’re doing to support us in serving our customers in unprecedented circumstances.
- Paul Allen, Group IT Director, Poundland