Recent events have enabled a truly remarkable global phenomenon and remote working has become the norm, almost overnight. Many organisations have executed the transition astonishingly quick and adopted to a new way of working very well. To help organisations that are new to remote work - we’ve put together some essential tips to get your new remote work set-up running as efficiently as possible – from the comfort of your own home:


1. Pick the right device



There’s never been a better time to upgrade your end-point devices. We offer a range of leading brands including Dell, Microsoft and HP as well as our new zeroC refurb range to suit every business requirement, role and budget. If you’d prefer to mitigate upfront costs you can upgrade all of your devices through a number of our DaaS (Device as a Service) packages. All of of which come with managed support and managed security to ensure you can access and use all of your business critical applications, securely.


2. Protect the device and your data



Protect your devices and business critical data with security tiered options, plus Microsoft EM&S (Enterprise Mobility and Security). Encrypt, manage and monitor the device, enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), control and protect data and documents; all from one powerful suite of security solutions. Applying the right data protection policies using MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) ensures data cannot be accessed, removed or leaked by non-authorised people.


3. Plug in from wherever, whenever



Our private cloud platform allows seamless access to your business applications and desktops from any device. We have a variety of solutions to suit all business requirements - cloud offers a range of cloud services, to suit hybrid, private or public cloud requirements – all with flexible subscription plans you’ll never have to pay for more than you need.


4. Make sure you can log-in, securely



Secure your identity with Microsoft’s powerful InTune and Company Portal applications. Lock down access to your approved devices, mitigating the risk of system access from devices outside of your domain. Let your staff use their own devices whilst protecting your applications. Give your team the security they need to protect your assets, accounts, and information ensuring the user logging in is always actually the user logging on.


5. Remote meetings and better collaboration



Get Microsoft 365 and receive the most powerful collaboration and communications app on the market – Microsoft Teams. Features include; remote voice and video meetings, chats and team collaboration, screen and document sharing as well as integration into a whole suite of your existing office applications.


There are some great benefits to working from home, like being able to play music, sit in your comfy chair, consume an enormous volume of coffee and listen to the kids scream with boredom - what's not to love?! Would you like to order some headphones?


As well as all that good stuff, now you can benefit from high levels of productivity whilst working in your home office too. For more information about devices and services for effective remote working, just contact us here or call 0113 387 1070 to get started now.