You’ve probably seen the Travelex Ransomware story widely reported in the media recently.  The impact is big, affecting the capability of many organisations including HSBC, Sainsburys and Virgin Money, amongst others, but whilst new Ransomware strains appear, this is not a new phenomenon.


In March 2017 ‘Wannacry’ wreaked havoc throughout the NHS, Government Systems, Rail Networks and private companies.  This was quickly followed by ‘NotPetya’, which brought Maersk to a complete standstill and impacted many other organisations.  The startling fact is that almost two years on, over 1.7 million systems connected to the internet are still vulnerable to the exact same attack.  It should have been a wake-up call throughout the IT industry and yet we see an increasing threat landscape hitting large companies and small on an all too regular basis.


The real solution to cyber-threat isn’t just patching, or anti-virus, or firewalls, or pen-tests. Security is not a box, it’s really about tiered security solutions, designed to mitigate appropriate risk and accurately configured with regular independent tests.



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