Following on from my earlier blog around disaster preparedness, I wanted to continue this theme and look at options when it comes to implementing Disaster Recovery (DR) and business continuity.


Very much like insurance, nobody wants to spend money on something that may not happen, however, how glad are we that we did in the event we are in an accident.


There is a saying, there are only 2 certainties in life, death and taxes. Well… there are only 2 certainties in IT - bugs and outages.


When thinking of outages, we generally think of the big ‘acts of god’ type; fire, flood etc, however the more common ones are IT just going wrong or people making mistakes.


Either way, not only do we need to try to reduce the ‘premium’ we pay for being able to recover in the event of an outage, but also reduce the complexity of recovery.


Traditional DR used to be based on one of 2 types of facility - a “Hot Site” or a “Cold Site”. A Hot site consists of an alternate data centre with a logically equivalent infrastructure, server, networking storage etc, that can be used to recover the IT function should the worst happen. Now, even if you used your older, legacy hardware to provide this, you are still paying for power, cooling and licensing which could be a significant investment for something adding no intrinsic value to the business. 


Alternatively, a cold site could potentially just be an empty, dormant location where, in the event of a disaster, you send backups to (because you obviously follow a best practice approach of having a copy of your backups offsite) and hope that you can get hardware delivered, configured and running in a reasonable amount of time.


Both of these options have pro’s and con’s especially relating to cost. However, both also need to be tested regularly to ensure you meet your defined recovery goals, this adds additional complexity and resourcing requirements.


So, what’s the answer … this could be of those occasions where “the cloud” may be the answer.


What if you could leverage the cloud in such a way that you could use this for your DR site by replicating your critical IT systems to a dedicated, IT infrastructure and be able to automatically invoke this infrastructure as and when required, now that would be great wouldn’t it


And that’s exactly what dr is all about. Leveraging the power of Veeam Cloud Connect, we are able to replicate customer servers to reserved “Cloud hosts” in one of our purpose-built, secure, UK data centres, sized and configured according to actual business needs. In the event of a disaster, your recovery plan can be initiated automatically from anywhere in the world via our dedicated recovery portal.


And there’s more, as part of invocation we are able to offer a wide range of connectivity options to provide you with access to your systems from a dedicated DR firewall instance spun up as part of the recovery process through to permanent private WAN connections. We even have DR workspace areas where you can locate your staff in the event of a complete site loss.


Why use the pure technology group for this? We are a trusted partner to many businesses and have many years of implementing data protection and DR solutions. We can advise, design and deploy the right solution for your business that meets your recovery goals and available budget.


Why not give us a try with a 30-day free trial of our DRaaS service? 


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