Last week we visited the Dell Technologies Customer Solutions Centre in Limerick and have put together are our key takeaways from the day:


The innovation centre at Dell Technologies is not just about servers, storage and the usual bits and pieces, but more around “innovation” which is a key objective of the visit, alongside growing closer relationships with key Dell management staff. 


Key Points Covered:

-       DellEMC IoT Solutions

-       Dell Servers/Storage Update

-       Customer Solutions Labs

-       VDI Solutions


This starts with IoT, more specifically, how Dell Technologies approach IoT from an End-to-End perspective.


Dell Technologies is one of only very few Intel IoT (Internet of Things) Alliance partners, which allows Dell Technologies to cut through the hype with a pragmatic approach to IoT and helps our customers leverage existing equipment and data to make the most of current technology investments. 


We can take advantage of analytics scenarios that span gateways, datacentre and cloud, leading to analytics-driven action. 


Any of our customers wanting to develop IoT technology can engage with PTG and Dell Technologies to use the solutions centre in Limerick to build out potential solutions and test.


Whilst we were there they showcased what Dell Technologies call the “World of the Future”. See picture below:



The concept being that within their partnership with Intel and all of their subsidiary companies, they have created example scenarios where IoT can be applicable in their “World of the future”. 


These solutions included:


 - Smart Energy

The use of Automation technology to manage power consumption down to a device level, and in some cases, automatically manage for more efficient power consumption. The example they used was reducing the brightness of bulbs in high traffic environments. 


 - Congestion Management (Retail/Stadiums)

Using infrared technology and sometimes adapting existing CCTV estates, Dell can use analytics to predict high footfall situations and alert members of staff just before they need to be somewhere.


 - Equipment Tracking (Healthcare)

Using traditional technologies such as RFID but also using next-generation technology such as using devices with BLE (low power Bluetooth) to track everything down to individual paper-based patient records.


 - Supply Chain and Manufacturing Management

With some fantastic technology around supply chain analytics, Dell Technologies IoT Cloud can evaluate manufacturing time and advise on changes accordingly. The example they showed was a Lego built manufacturing line, connected via IoT.



In addition to the above, we were briefed on the latest developments in technology ranging from traditional Dell storage and servers all the way through to VDI solutions delivered end-to-end of their own hardware. This also included the introduction of specific financing options from Dell Finance Solutions to make the services more cost-effective.


If any of the above has interested you and you would like to find out more, or even visit the Dell CSC for yourself, please contact me on [email protected] or give me a call on 0113 387 1070. 



We also have an ‘innovation hub’ right here at our Leeds office, which features technologies including VR and IoT, plus hyperconvergence and a direct link into the Dell Technologies Limerick Innovation Centre. Why not arrange to come and visit and see for yourself?