IntraQuest Community is a specialist learning, well-being and community service provider based within East Manchester offering services UK wide. Its core offering includes specialist learning for professionals and individuals, therapy, counselling and coaching, and community services to developing or deprived areas. 



Having grown organically, IntraQuest had disparate and inefficient systems, based on a best endeavours policy with no service level agreement (SLA) in place. The organisation was experiencing issues with its current online storage solution ‘Knowhow Cloud’ (provided by PC World) on which file extensions were changing unexpectedly and access issues became regular for staff members at IntraQuest. Due to persistent issues, the organisation sought an IT partner better able to support the growing business moving forward and propose forward-thinking solutions whilst addressing the existing issues. 


IntraQuest desired a more flexible workspace to enable its team members to work remotely whilst keeping sensitive information secure. The nature of work is very much led by what the customers require with many therapists traveling UK-wide, therefore its technology needs to be highly adaptable and finding a robust email security solution was a priority. 


In the search for an IT partner, IntraQuest sought expertise to investigate and propose an appropriate backup and Disaster Recovery solution to give the organisation peace of mind. With no current plan in place, IntraQuest was at risk and required a solution as soon as possible.



Following an initial consultation, the pure technology group (PTG) explored a number of solutions best matched for the organisation and it was proposed that IntraQuest migrate its cloud hosted infrastructure and email hosting to Microsoft 365. This fit-for-purpose plan included cloud-based storage via SharePoint Online plus OneDrive, and consistent availability of mailboxes hosted on Exchange Online. This allowed all staff members to access data stored on SharePoint from internet-connected devices and real-time file saving directly back to the application. Applications worked on mobile devices too, which allowed staff the opportunity to work on the go. OneDrive allowed each person to have their own cloud-based area to save work, separate to the central SharePoint location. As a Tier-1 CSP (Cloud Service Provider) PTG was able to provide this solution with no downtime to the organisation.  


To protect IntraQuest’s files and emails from human error, PTG introduced Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service, a robust backup product, which allows for swift recovery of files on SharePoint Online, OneDrive and emails plus any attachments hosted on Exchange Online. PTG also provided unlimited proactive and reactive service desk support to IntraQuest’s staff members to promptly resolve any problems that may arise, minimising downtime. 


PTG installed Mimecast email security, which provided an advanced layer of protection against threats associated with email-based attacks. This solution provided spam filtering plus threat protection through email scanning, blocking ransomware, phishing scam emails and attachment protection. This solves the security challenges posed by an evolving landscape of threats with zero-day protection and 99% anti-spam protection.  


The last stage of the project was a roll-out of brand-new Lenovo laptops for all of IntraQuest’s people, along with an updated Windows operating system to be able to run all of the new cloud-based applications smoothly.  






‘It’s been really refreshing to work alongside a company that is both professional and personal in it's approach. Technology is an area that we have struggled with for years. As therapists, it’s definitely not our area of expertise and we need our tech to be reliant, efficient and supportive. PTG listened to our requirements and came up with a package that is working well for us…it’s also fantastic that they can solve any tech related issues for us remotely. I would totally recommend this service’
Jenny Westwood, Director of Well-Being Services.