Whatever the device is, whether it is a PC, Smartphone, Tablet or even Server infrastructure, organisations are increasingly looking to change how their hardware is bought, managed, retired and refreshed.


Here is what pure technology group offer, and how we have designed a service to fit everyone’s needs. 


This all started with Microsoft 365, naturally, pay a fixed and manageable fee per-month/per user and get everything looked after by us. But of course, this is only one link in the chain, there is still the hardware to consider. Ultimately there is a better way.


Imagine having a service that encompassed it all? The DaaS programs from the likes of HP, Dell and Lenovo (soon to be launched) offer this already, but you are tied to a vendor and who wants that?


Our service delivers a manufacturer-agnostic service model that simplifies how organisations equip people with the right hardware, support, device management, and lifecycle services to improve productivity, IT efficiency, and cost management. This can include Microsoft 365, Office 365, endpoint security, and/or other application software, plus full lifecycle management to deliver complete functionality for your people.


DaaS is designed around what works for your business, combining equipment which suits how you work. Our experienced team design, configure, support and maintain according to your requirements. All on a manageable, fixed but flexible monthly cost:



Designed to match your requirements, from initial build and deployment, through to ethical disposal with a strong emphasis on security and quality. This can include initial triage, full service-desk support, patch management and a range of tailored services.


The beauty of our DaaS offering is that you can take as much (or as little!) of the services you need, this could just be the licensing to start off with, and then expand as the time is right to include all of the other supplementary services mentioned above. 


Still not convinced?


DaaS is no different to any of our other services. Utilising a wide team of skilled consultants, engineers and project managers we ensure every solution is designed around YOUR requirements with tangible benefits and attractive commercials.


A complete end-to-end solution as a consumption model including hardware, OS, apps, security and support, within one simple monthly payment model.


Fancy giving it a go? Give us a call on 0113 387 1070.