PTG recently attended the Barracuda Discover19 event in Marbella at the Don Carlos Spa & Resort.


From arrival, it was evident that the event was going to be special - the Barracuda team worked tirelessly to make their guests feel welcome and valued, and they didn't disappoint.


The opening seminar kicked off with a clear view of their strategy and direction for the next 3 years, which included a number of key milestones and targets, with its partners playing a clear role as part of that journey.


New and emerging technologies/trends were discussed in-depth and it was nice to reaffirm PTG's existing message to its customers by industry experts.


Spear Phishing, Whaling and Social Engineering are all techniques causing mass chaos within the industry, and the emerging Account Take Over threat causing real issues for consumers. Barracuda Sentinel protects end-users from these advanced threats in real time utilising AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning from a tenant level within Office365. This product can be deployed as part of a Barracuda protection solution or as a standalone product to complement existing solutions such as Mimecast, Symantec and Sophos.


With around 90% of all cyber-attacks originating from email, there is huge importance placed on ensuring the correct protection is in place. 


- By the end of 2019, there will be a ransomware attack on a business every 14 seconds.

- 48% of attacks against SMBs are phishing emails.

- 60% of ALL companies who are hit with a cyber attack fail within just 6 months.


Office365 is currently being adopted by businesses all over the globe at a growth rate of around 40% Year on Year - does your business have email protection?


Give one of our experts a call on 0113 387 1070 to find out how you can protect your business.