Have you thought about how your organisation would cope if your primary Internet or WAN connection failed? Do you even know what services may fail if you lost network and/or Internet connectivity?


As the world has become more cloud-centric, organisations have become ever more reliant on good network connectivity – email, web browsing, electronic ordering and the myriad other cloud services offer great business benefits but these advantages can all too easily be lost if your network provider has a failure, your router has a hardware failure or simply that there is an incident at your local exchange. For most modern organisations any prolonged loss of WAN and Internet connectivity could be very costly. What can you do to protect your business?


There are a number of ways that resilient network connectivity can be achieved and this is often a balance between cost and risk. Differing levels of resilience can be achieved in multiple ways; ranging from simply installing secondary connectivity up to designing a completely divergent network. A secondary line and router is relatively inexpensive and affords better protection, especially if failover is automated but the secondary line still route to the same exchange, which is then, in itself, a single point of failure. 




Going a step further, nowadays it’s not hugely expensive to have diverse routed leased line connections from different providers, linked to separate physical routers running suitable routing protocols – i.e. HSRP/VRRP/GLBP on the LAN side with OSPF/BGP/EIGRP on the WAN side, tuned to provide optimal automatic failover in the event of a failure and load balanced usage of the lines during normal operation.


The varying solutions do come at a cost – and that does vary significantly depending on the level of resilience you want but for many modern organisations the loss in productivity or possible reputational damage that can result from a prolonged network outage can make a compelling business case for meeting these costs.


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