JCT600 is one of the UK’s largest and most highly respected motor retailers in the UK, representing 21 of the world’s most iconic brands at 53 locations throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and the North East. Founded in 1946, JCT600 currently employs 2,000 people and yet remains a proud family business with four generations of the family now involved in the business.



JCT600 faced business restrictions due to the ageing and complex email systems managed by a third party. The solution was proving expensive and inflexible for their growing business needs. The incumbent provider struggled provide the right level of service and licensing and lacked knowledge in terms of functionality sought. JCT600 required a partner that could work towards the budgets set and be able to design and deploy a solution that matched the exact requirements of the business.


JCT also had limited messaging security in place. With the evolving threat landscape, JCT required solutions to mitigate future cyber threats and attacks. 



In order to streamline costs, the pure technology group (PTG) recommended a more flexible solution to suit individual requirements. PTG installed multiple levels of Microsoft 365 across the whole group, inclusive of a centralised email management platform, deployed to over 2,000 users. This allowed for the whole organisation to be able to securely access emails and documents from any device. PTG also upgraded JCT’s Microsoft licensing which removed compatibility issues with older generations of the software. 


PTG provisioned Mimecast Security for email security and threat protection. This was beneficial in preventing any future cyber-attacks that may have occurred. JCT600 now use PTG’s Service Desk, providing fast, knowledgeable assistance on any day-to-day support incidents or queries, thus adding to internal IT expertise and resource. 


We have been working with PTG for several years now and I can’t imagine using any other IT provider. Everyone I have dealt with at PTG has always been extremely understanding of our IT requirements and have always delivered what we need in a professional, cost-effective and timely manner.
Chris Gensmantel, Head of IT