The Erith Group is a multi-award-winning specialist contractor with over half a century of complex enabling works experience. Currently occupying the position of the World’s third largest demolition contractor, Erith leads by example by consistently delivering a better than best practice service for its customers. Since its formation in 1967, the company has grown to form a Group comprising: Erith Holdings Ltd; Erith Contractors Ltd; Erith Haulage Ltd; Erith Plant Services; Erith Training Services and Swanton Consulting Ltd.


Erith’s primary business is to service the construction and related industries through its Enabling Services comprising of demolition, asbestos removal, remediation, earthworks, infrastructure, basement reconstructions, waste recycling and haulage.



Erith’s company ethos is one of quality of service and client satisfaction. In order to achieve this, the company needed a variety of solutions to better support its team due to the number of offices and construction sites they work from. This included being able to provide secure connectivity to corporate services.


Erith’s existing WiFi system wasn’t providing their staff with the connectivity and speed needed to run their day-to-day operations as the system wasn’t connected throughout the business. They therefore required a solution that would be hosted at head office then rolled-out to multiple sites, seamlessly connecting the Group to the same WiFi network with a robust and secure authentication mechanism.


Due to the nature of the business, Erith also required a system to ensure that site entry was safe and secure at all times – only allowing authorised personnel on site.



To address the connectivity issues, an Aerohive wireless solution was designed and deployed to head office, branch offices and construction sites. This provided Erith Group with a united and capable WiFi connection across all of its offices and sites, with increased coverage and connectivity. 


In addition to this, PTG installed a biometric fingerprint recognition system linked to turnstiles, which meant that Erith could easily keep track of who is on and off-site at all times. This solution also enabled Erith to easily manage the many levels of access/permissions for its workforce.


PTG worked with Erith to provide drones and thermal imaging software used by its engineering department to map landscapes when moving materials on remediation sites. The drone footage is also used for ErithTV, delivered across television monitors located in several of its site canteens – allowing staff to see numerous projects in an efficient, illustrative and social manner. Erith also use the drones to view the integrity of gas holders in a safe method allowing access to inspect the top of the structures without the need to work from height, keeping health and safety for its staff as the number one priority.  



The partnership between Erith and PTG has continued to grow since 2013. With a world-class supply chain, PTG can ensure the most competitive prices; along with personalised Account Management to ensure goods and projects are always delivered on time.


PTG continue to work with Erith to source IT solutions on-time and on-budget according to the fast-paced nature of the business. This includes the commissioning and de-commissioning of sites within a couple of days’ notice.


“We have been working with PTG for over 5 years and we are extremely pleased with the support and service they continuously offer us. We needed a full refresh of our existing WiFi system and PTG delivered this to us with next to no turnaround time and at a very competitive price. Would highly recommend PTG for any future ICT needs.”
Matt Harper, ICT Director.