Founded in 2011, First Target Recoveries (FTR) is a claims management service that offers financial compensation to customers. Having processed over 71,000 claims this year, FTR is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of claims management activities and to date has claimed back over £123 million back for its clients.



Recent changes within the organisation meant that there was an urgent need for additional IT resource to support a number of critical business systems, including the internal infrastructure, virtualisation and storage. FTR required a partner that could plug into the team at short-notice to manage these systems in addition to supporting the wider IT department without any over-spend on the existing IT budget.



The pure technology group (PTG) was able to offer FTR a support contract made up of a range of Support and Professional Services, which would be able to supplement short-term resource issue. The support could also be deployed and ready within a few weeks ensuring optimal continuity for FTR. Through a flexible payment plan, they were able to fit the support contract into manageable monthly payments without causing any over-spend on the existing system budget. 


The support contract includes 24/7 monitoring of all of First Target Recoveries’ servers and storage (SAN’s), as well as a sub-3 second response time against any business-critical support issues. Server and patch management is also provided for all of FTR’s servers, in addition to IT and service desk support at Levels 1, 2 and 3 to aid and assist the current IT team with system issues. This means that the PTG can track and manage outages, spot errors and repair them before they become operational issues. This is managed through the PTG service desk, enabling FTR’s internal IT team to focus on project delivery and additional business value. 



Due to the combination of highly trained and skilled engineers within the PTG service desk, FTR no longer needs to replace staff or re-invest in extra overhead. The fully-managed IT resources provided can manage the team’s issues successfully and has since delivered the service and requirements needed. 


Chris McCabe, Associate Director, commented:

We approached PTG to help us to implement additional IT support in the light of some unexpected resource challenges. PTG were able to deliver us with a comprehensive range of professional services and support, all delivered in a manageable payment plan to ensure there was no over-spend on the existing budgets. Overall, we are extremely happy with the service provided, and it was delivered to us in less than a month too.”