Super Break is a market leading shortbreak specialist with over 30 years in the industry.


Founded in 1983 the business has innovated since its inception, initially specialising in hotel-only breaks, the business has continued to develop its product portfolio and now offers theatre, transportation, concert tickets and more.


Awarded with the Feefo Gold Service standard for 3 years running and voted as the best accommodation-only supplier and ‘Best Operator UK Holidays’ in 2018, the business is one of the highest rated and trusted holiday specialists in the UK.




Super Break was facing constraints on its existing platform. With over 1.5 million customers its customer base was expanding rapidly but without the capability to handle increased volume their IT infrastructure lacked scale. This coupled with an ageing platform that was proving difficult to support, was beginning to have an impact on efficiency and growth.


Super Break required a solution that would remove the burdens of infrastructure management and provide them with the freedom to focus on their main business activities. 


The pure technology group worked with Super Break to review multiple options, tailored to their specifications and after several months of collaboration the decision was made to create a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. 




Super Break and the pure technology group combined to design a custom built and fully-managed solution. The new PaaS solution utilises the latest compute, network and storage technologies from vendors including Huawei, Microsoft and VMware and is designed to provide 10x more compute power, without 10x the overhead. Fast SSD based storage, improved network performance and licensing was optimised within the design.


Super Break can now continue to grow rapidly with the option to scale on demand as and when required. The platform contains enhanced security to ensure systems are protected from the constant threat of cyber-attacks. The new PaaS provides improved flexibility and an increased ability to react and respond to requests and changes at an instant, within a scalable budget.


Super Break can innovate their services much faster than ever with the ability to manage and test their applications and services instantaneously.



Stuart Taylor, Group Head of IO at Super Break commented:


“When selecting a vendor, it was key for us to find a partner and not just a service provider. pure technology group listened to the challenges we faced with the existing platform and provided us with options and solutions, plural; allowing us to meet our ever-demanding timelines and budget. The existing platform had, like many legacy systems, accumulated some inefficiencies over the preceding years, and architectural documentation was incomplete or out of date; a `lift n shift` was out of the question. 


Despite this, pure technology group worked quickly and without fuss, to move our e-commerce platform and back-office systems to their new home with a minimal amount of disruption, and they continue to work on our platform, creating further opportunity for us to streamline and upgrade where efficiencies can be realised.


The PaaS solution provided has eliminated much of the overhead of infrastructure management, allowing us to focus on what’s important for our business, like building applications with innovative features and exceptional user experiences, while pure technology group focus on what they do well, the IT infrastructure.”