pure technology group (PTG) would like to welcome Mike Chambers to the Group as Regional Sales Director. We caught up with Mike for a Q&A to find out more about what skills and experience he's going to bring to the Group. 


What are your biggest accomplishments? 


Growing my previous business from £200k to £86m revenue, winning a £36m purchase order from the MOD, and managing to raise 4 fantastic children. 


What skills will you bring to your new role? 


Experience of working with large organisations, team management, industry experience, channel knowledge, and integrating a new team into the pure technology group way of thinking. It’s always a challenge opening an office in a new geography, but having previously opened a UK office for a German company, and a York office for a Southern-based organisation, opening a southern office is a new and exciting challenge.


How long have you worked in the IT industry?


22 and counting. My first role was telesales for a consumables reseller based in Sydney, I can still remember HP 51626A……….Deskjet 500 ink cartridge.


Why did you choose pure technology group?


I was keen to join a company that wasn’t an LSP, embraced new technology, was successful already but would also benefit from my contribution. Culture is the most important criteria for me. Happy people who love their job work hard and deliver great customer service – that’s what I saw in PTG. OB is a great guy who leads a team of great people, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join and expand our footprint in the south of the country.


What is your academic background?


A-levels, I studied South East Asian studies at the University of Hull – which was very interesting, however, I have never utilised any of this knowledge in the IT Industry! I’ve also passed lots of multiple choice vendor exams. 


What is your work history background? 


Insight for 5 years, COMPAREX for 14 years and Bytes for 12 months prior to joining pure technology group.


What will be the most challenging aspect of your role? 


Integrating the Southern Sales function in all aspects of HQ and ensuring we take a full part in the head office workings. Luckily many vendors are based in the south and very keen to work closely with PTG, our team and our customers.


Where do you see the pure technology group in 5 years?


As an Industry leading technology provider with multiple offices in the UK, managing and delivering IT solutions for corporate and public sector customers with a high growth rate – but without losing sight of the company culture and principles.


What impact will you have on the group's growth? 


We plan to open an office in the South, hire 6 new sales heads in the first few months and win lots of new customers.  With a fully self-sufficient office to come in the next 12 months. This is a very exciting time in the growth and expansion of Pure Technology, I’m very lucky to be part of it.


What motivates you? 


Success, recognition, seeing my team perform and feeling part of a large supportive and profitable organisation. Delivering valued solutions to happy customers.


Describe yourself in one word? 




Name an experience that has challenged you and how you overcame it? 


The death of my wife from cancer 3 years ago. I learnt how to cook, clean, iron and pretend I’m asleep when the kids call me.


What do you like to do on your days off? 


Travel, going for days out, cooking, skiing and track day driving.


Anything else you want to add? 


Pure Technology is currently recruiting in the London area – so if you are looking for a sales position, and would like to join a fantastic, fast-moving company with big plans for growth, please get in contact via our website.


Rapid fire:

Beatles or Metallica? Metallica

Pizza or Burgers? Burgers

Harold or Kumar? Kumar

Marvel or DC? Which one is Wonder Woman?

BMW or Mercedes? BMW

Summer or Winter? Summer

MP3 or Vinyl? Vinyl

LA or NY? NY

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter


Thanks for taking part in this Q&A Mike, we would all like to wish you a warm welcome and all the best in starting your new role, kick-starting the group's progression in the South.