pure technology group would like to congratulate Adam Royds, Technical Security Manager on celebrating his 20th year at the pure technology group. This is an incredible milestone for him and for the group.


We asked Adam to tell us about his experience, memories and why he’s stuck around for so long.


“I started at Servatech on the 6th of February 1998, not long after the company began. There were only three of us and as the company grew so did the technology. Back when AltaVista was the search engine of choice and Google wasn't really a thing. The days of easy remote access didn’t exist, now we’re all about cloud and remote working. I love technology, so getting to work on the things I’m passionate about is something that’s always kept me going. Every day is different and every day is a new challenge.


Over these 20 years, I’ve had many amazing times and I’ve always enjoyed coming to work at 7:10 am and getting stuck in. One of my best memories was moving into Chapelthorpe Hall. Before that, we all worked in separate buildings and moving here really broke boundaries, we could all communicate, build relationships and everything felt new. When Servatech merged into pure technology group it was a learning experience and a new challenge. Working with a new mindset and a faster pace was a different but a welcome change and I really don’t see myself working anywhere else.


It’s been an epic journey both personally and professionally. I’ve stayed here so long because I really do enjoy every single day and working alongside these great people has made the journey that much better. Thank you for the incredible opportunities I’ve had over this 20-year journey and I'm looking forward to many more.”


Congratulations once again Adam on this incredible 20-year milestone, the loyalty you have shown the group is something we can all admire and we look forward to your continued future here at the pure technology group.