Harrington Brooks, founded in 1997 is one of the UK’s leading debt solution providers currently helping over 50,000 customers manage their debts through IVA, DMP, Bankruptcy and DRO debt solutions. Shortlisted for personal insolvency firm of the year, Harrington Brooks has arranged more IVAs than any other provider with an impressive 1 in 5 being processed by them in the past year.


In 2014, recognising increased competition, Harrington Brooks launched a new online webchat tool to assist their customers in real- time. Harrington Brooks subsequently enjoyed rapid growth to over 500 employees, increasing the demands of its IT infrastructure.




Harrington Brooks network and storage infrastructure had been in place for 5 years and was beginning to show significant signs of age. The infrastructure was approaching end of warranty and the concerns were reliability, resilience and performance.


As part of a new modernisation programme, which included additional budget for investment in new IT infrastructure, Harrington Brooks sought advice on how to maximise this budget for their growing IT needs given the critical nature of IT within the business. With increasing demands from both internal and external sources, the businesses needed a solution that would cause minimal impact to its day to day services. The pure technology group, in partnership with Huawei, designed a competitively priced, next-generation solution that included the installation and setup of new network switches as well as fibre cabling to increase network speeds.




The pure technology group removed Harrington Brooks existing network and cabling, replacing it with 21 state of the art Huawei S5700 switches whilst providing the engineering resource to configure and deploy. The Huawei network switches provided Harrington Brooks with the scalability to add to its network as and when required. The S5700s compact size and additional ports allow for future network expansions and increased capacity, the ability to minimise network down-time, reduce the risk of potential network failures and half power consumption when compared with similar products.


The pure technology group worked out of office hours to migrate connections to the new network and implement a new VLAN configuration. Over 1000 new patch leads were installed including new OM4 fibre connections to increase bandwidth and optimisation for 40 and 100 Gb/s applications. The entire project was managed by the pure technology group and was fully installed within 2 weeks. With ongoing support from service desk engineers, their systems are monitored 24/7 and maintained at optimal performance.


Daniel Harter, Service Delivery Manager at Harrington Brooks, said:


“I can’t thank the pure technology group enough for their professionalism and efficiency executing our network switch refresh. The cost of the Huawei product range combined with the campaigns free installation ensured I retained savings against the budget we allocated for the project. The performance of the Huawei Enterprise range matches that of leading competitors such Dell and Cisco and it feels good knowing that pure technology hold a close relationship with Huawei. I’m looking to use pure technology in future projects”.