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pure security is a service designed to help customers evaluate and design their IT security, in whole or in part, using our expert Technical Consultants and IT channel resources. Our highly trained team offers completely objective and expert input into your IT security strategy planning.

cyber essentials

penetration testing

tiered security system

evolving threats

Threats range in complexity from ransomware emails with fake invoices, to replica websites of brands such as Facebook and Google. It is difficult to be 100% protected but mitigating risks is key. Our proven tiered security model puts the necessary control measures in place to help secure your organisation and negate attacks, including zero-day threats.

our security partners

barracuda bitdefender DigitalXRAID mimecast symantec
our tiered security model
  • cloud
    AV | AS | CC
    Protection before your on-site network

    Cloud security protects you from threats BEFORE your perimeter, it provides you with protection from zero-day attacks, denial-of-service attacks and maximises bandwidth.

  • perimeter
    CC | IPS | IDS
    Protection at the perimeter of the network

    Traditional firewall technology with proxy control to avoid unwanted content and prevent attacks against the network. Examples of attacks can be hacking, intrusion and malware.

  • endpoint
    AV | AS | CC
    Protection at the end of the network

    Security for computers/devices (Endpoints). This stops vulnerabilities outside of the network. This includes on-demand scanning and protection against threats transmitted by removable media

controls aren’t enough

Independent, objective, expert test and assurance is essential. You can’t mark your own work and neither can we, which is why DigitalXRAID is our recommended choice for security testing. We believe that all risks can be significantly reduced by consulting and acting upon the advice of dedicated, highly-skilled experts.

“Cybercrime incidents in the UK up 20 percentage points since 2014”


“Nearly 6 million cyber and fraud crimes were committed in the last year in England and Wales”


“Cybercrime cost UK businesses more than £1bn in the past year”


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