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The future is here. Are you ready to automate your business processes, freeing up more time to focus on innovation?


There are a number of tasks and processes that can be automated within your M365 subscription. Join our workshop to find out what efficiency gains this could bring to your organisation and how to implement this technology, today.


So, what's on the menu?


-How to increase your IT efficiency with power automate
-Automate provision and lifecycle management
-Automate approvals, archiving & disposition of Teams and sites
-Cortex Syntex: how to automate content processing
-Reflekt: product overview and demo


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Our Productivity Roadmap has been designed to ensure customers get the most out of their Microsoft 365 subscription. In this roadmap our team measures your current software utilisation and will help make improvements to your usage. 


Data sprawls are becoming more and more common with company data and files being stored on premise, in OneDrive, on SharePoint and shared via Teams. We can help develop a data strategy that limits data sprawl and considers the necessary security and governance.



So, what's on the menu?


-Review your productivity score – in reference to communication, meetings and mobility
-Data strategy: Where does your data live? On SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams?
-How to prevent data sprawl
-How to supercharge your productivity, maximising software utilisation
-How to improve your usage and cost efficiency


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Today’s organisations need a security model that embraces and protects devices, apps and data wherever they’re located.


Organisations should insist on verification to connect to systems before granting any access. Requests must be authenticated, authorised, and finally encrypted before granting any access. 


Never trust, always verify.


So, what's on the menu?

-Assess your organisations security with a zero-trust assessment tool 
-Manage the remote workforce with instant provisioning of devices and endpoints
-Mitigate breach risks with Zero Trust secure access 
-Reduce attack surface with verification of user and device identity 


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pure adrenalin - TBA


Join us for an adrenalin fueled, action packed day, in partnership with Dell Technologies, Mimecast and Palmer Sport.


Get in the drivers seat and burn some rubber with a selection of 4x high performance vehicles going head to head on the Bedford Auto drome to outpace the competition.


Think you’ve got what it takes to finish first?


Sign up now and secure your ticket, spaces are limited to the first 25 registrations.


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pure adrenalin 2 - TBA 

An invitation-only airborne, adrenalin-fueled afternoon.


Take to the Skies and join us for an event like no other. More information, coming soon.

ptXX circus - TBA


Get ready for our biggest party yet.


music, magic and mayhem


All staff, partners, customers and suppliers are welcome.


You don't want to miss this.


More info coming soon.

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