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We provide a comprehensive range of IT solutions and services to the SME commercial sector, mid-market and enterprise.  Our success is fuelled by our passion for the three things that matter most to our company – our customers, our people & technology. Our commitment to service excellence and solution knowledge serves over 1,500 commercial customers across many industries.

Sonoco Trident

pure technology group worked with Sonoco Trident to design, build and manage a fully resilient IT infrastructure featuring a new workflow management platform, across 11 full-service locations in North America, Latin America, the European Union and Asia-Pacific. Each location has a datacentre containing the same hardware and software and solutions, using Veeam to back up and replicate. Sonoco-Trident now meets RTO and RPO every time, giving them the confidence that they can meet their service level agreements and maintain business continuity.


pure technology group worked with JCT600 to design and implement multiple levels of Office 365 across the whole group, inclusive of a centralised email management platform, deployed to over 2,000 users. This allowed for the whole organisation to be able to securely access emails and documents from any device and remove compatibility issues with older generations of software. Risks from cyber-threat were mitigated by provision of tiered security solutions, managed and supported by fast, knowledgeable assistance on any day-to-day support incidents or queries, thus adding to JCT600 internal IT expertise and resource.


pure technology group recognised the value it could bring to the RSPB and worked through the exacting tender process including; device evaluations, vendor trials and commercial bid. During the planning process, all requirements were carefully analysed for environmental impact, which was hugely important for the RSPB. All logistics, packaging, training and ethical/secure disposals were planned with the lowest Carbon Footprint possible. The result was a contract for endpoints (laptops and two-in-ones), peripherals, support and deployment over the next 3 years. RSPB staff & volunteers can share their workspace via the new devices across the UK, providing flexibility to transform from a traditional workspace.

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